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KCOM reveals take-up figures for fibre services in East Yorkshire

KC in its latest financial results is very upbeat about the performance of its fibre roll-out and in particular an increase in the proportion of people buying a bundle of products.

The fibre roll-out in the KC network area has passed 25,000 premises and some 6,000 have signed up to a Lightstream package (24% take-up). The roll-out is set to cover some 45,000 premises by March 2015 with around 90% of those passed on a Fibre to the Premises solution.

While no figures are available on which speed products people are signing up to, we believe its fair to suggest that the 350 Mbps download service with a 750GB allowance priced at £99/month is not going to be the biggest seller.


The presentation says that 90% of fibre subscribers are taking a bundled deal, and "the majority" on the entry-level package.

That's £36pm incl line rental, for a 50/5 package, 70GB allowance, some free landline calls.

It also mentions £5pm ARPU

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