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Staffordshire anounces first areas to benefit from superfast broadband

The latest county broadband project to publish a roll-out map is Staffordshire. The map shows the current or expected commercial coverage areas, and then those covered by the project and likely to be enabled in 2014 and those in 2015. The final 3% is marked as under review, as the council is looking for more funding to push coverage deeper.

The first areas to benefit should start to see services going live in April 2014, with Tutbury being one of the first.

The project is using £15m of public money and £12.47m from BT, and the estimate given when the contract was signed was that 95% of premises will connect at faster than 24 Mbps, the other 2% getting less due to long distances to the cabinet (i.e. greater than 1km). The proportion of slow lines may be below the national projection, because some FTTP is expected as part of the project and if used carefully it will probably be used to serve clusters of properties too far from the cabinet for FTTC. The percentage coverage figures should also mean any Exchange Only lines should see an upgrade, either network rearrangement to add to an existing street cabinet, or a new cabinet, or maybe FTTP.


The map is useless. By default, most of us interested in improving access live in rural areas. The map will not zoom and is so messy, its impossible to distinguish between implementation in 2014, 2015, 2Mbps basic or still under review.

  • PhilCoates
  • over 7 years ago

I agree its not great, but I live in South Staffordshire and with the aid of Googling for "South Staffordshire Map" I was able work out that the area serviced by my exchange is pink. It's rubbish for individual addresses, but at least you can work out if your exchange is in one of the phases.

  • brummygit
  • over 7 years ago

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