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Had enough hassle with Micro-filters?

One thing that crops up with self-install ADSL is the question of how many micro-filters do I need and where do I put them? We have a short Q&A to help with these questions which is located here.

Another thing that crops up fairly often is people looking for ADSL faceplates just like the ones BT engineers used to install. A small company called Clarity are now offering these face plates, their website is at Clarity are the only UK source for the NTE5 faceplates that we are aware of and it's a reasonable price of £9.99. You can also pick up a 30m extension kit and Clarity has plans to provide a faceplate suitable for use on extensions. They have posted some notes in the forums which people may like to read here.

If you have lots of phones then using a single ADSL faceplate can work out cheaper and neater than multiple splitters. Also, if you have small children who might remove the small splitters and chew them, the faceplates are a safer alternative.

Whilst on the topic of micro-filters, it has been noted by one of our forum users (ZZbeard) that the micro-filters appear to be missing some UK specific circuitry which explains why people are having problems, namely any phones connected with the filters never ring. If you have one of these faulty filters get back in touch with Dabs and arrange a refund or replacement.


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