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BT Wholesales new DSL checker.

One of the old problems with the checker was that it didnt give too much away with reference to your chances of getting ADSL. The checker has now had a facelift with considerable changes in the server side area, especially that the checker can spot various types of lines that may have problems with ADSL.

The checker is located at

The extra info covers the ability to spot whether your line is an ISDN/HH line, uses a line sharing device (i.e. DAC's) or has some fibre optic cable between you and the exchange. This is the first time it has been made easy for users to spot whether they have a DAC's on their line.

The messages with regard to actually getting ADSL vary now, and are based around whether your exchange currently is DSL enabled, is part of the 100 due to be enabled by end of May 2002, is under review with around 500 other exchanges, of which some may get enabled later this year. Finally the message no-one wants to see that DSL isnt planned on your exchange at present.


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