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Scotland publishes broadband improvement rollout plans

The Digital Scotland project is the latest part of the UK to publish maps showing roughly when it expects to bring improvements to individual areas. Scotland is operating as two distinct projects, the Highlands and Islands and the Rest of Scotland with the When and Where maps reflecting this.

The Rest of Scotland project gives seven phases of work, with three of these forming the backbone of the work to take superfast coverage from current commercial levels to 85% of premises by the end of 2015. The usual caveats of the plans may change, with dates delayed or being brought forward, and here in lies the problem, in the past when Openreach tried to give specific dates it got lots of complaints when dates slipped, but no praise if an area was early. The Highlands and Islands features six phases with four set to complete by the end of 2015.

As the projects start to ramp up in terms of what they deliver we look forward to being able to track the improvements via our speed test, if the theory many hold that rural areas have a massive latent demand for better broadband is proven to the case we should see a significant shift in speeds when looking at postcode and district level data.


What a joke. We're not getting fibre broadband until 2016 (and one of the fibre links to the outer isles goes through here - Portree). I guess there's not going to be anything faster than ADSL Max until then. I heard via a BT contact that we were meant to be pencilled in for next year originally, and strangely enough according to Sam Knows we had a 21stCN network switchover date of 31st may 2013 that disappeared when the BDUK contract was awarded to BT.

  • Wolfoz
  • over 7 years ago

Whats even more galling is that every day I drive past contractors laying miles upon miles of piping for a water works project, digging trenches alongside the road and when BT was informed of it they didn't give a damn.

  • Wolfoz
  • over 7 years ago

according to " openreach site" I was to be updated May then September then December
and now on this map I am to be evaluated

will I ever get Super Fast Broadband ?

  • sarge205
  • over 7 years ago

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