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EE shows growth in fixed line broadband

EE is probably vying for fifth place in the broadband league table in terms of customer numbers with PlusNet, but with no published figures for PlusNet it is difficult to say for sure, so EE wins the fifth largest provider by default each quarter.

EE added 10,000 broadband customers in the last quarter to take total fixed line broadband customers to 714,000 (how many are on a fibre product is unknown). Compared to the appeal of 4G the ADSL2+/fibre products are almost side line as EE has some 1.18 million 4G customers and exceeded the 1 million figure four months earlier than expected.

The appeal of 4G may well be a driver for why so many firms such as ASDA, BT, Canon, Expedia, Kimberly-Clark and Virgin Media have selected EE to operate their virtual mobile network.

It will be interesting to see what EE launch for the 4G Home Broadband service, even if you allow for the cost of voice line rental, we believe it will be impossible to beat the £17.90/month of Simplybroadband (includes £15.40 of voice line rental) with its unlimited usage.

In small trip down memory lane, in the last year EE has shed another 1,000 dial-up Internet customers, with just 4,000 now appearing in the financial figures.


Is it conceivable that some of those dial up customers are actually Freeserve customers that survived several rebrandings?

  • UKNetizen
  • over 7 years ago

most likely i have seen some customers who still have dial up with freeserv

  • leexgx
  • over 7 years ago

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