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Will EE 4G powered home broadband deliver a big enough package?

EE earlier in the week announced a variety of new 4GEE plans and is teasing customers with 10GB of free mobile data for those who buy a 4GEE pay as you go handset. The problems arise when you look at the cost, £6 for 500MB to last 30 days is probably OK for someone who just uses email and twitter a lot via their mobile when out, but for anyone watching video, or listening to streamed music the price soon shoots up to the point of £30 per month for a 10GB allowance. Two new super user tariffs are to be launched 20GB for £36/month and 50GB for £50 on their mobile broadband plans.

Moaning about the size of mobile broadband data allowances is easy, the more interesting aspect of the latest EE news is the convergence of 4G and home broadband which looks to be a two pronged gamble to gain customers. 4GEE pay monthly mobile customers who also have an EE unlimited fixed line broadband service will see their data allowance increased to 10GB, and some plans will see the mobile allowance boosted to 20GB.

The new part and it is we believe building on the work in Cumbria is that in November a 4G powered home broadband solution will become available, alas no news on pricing or size of the data bundles. Our assumption would be that this will involve a broadband router with 4G built in and the option for a small external antenna to improve signal reception. While rural areas with poor or no broadband will welcome 4G appearing ahead of any Government led investment, for those upgrading from slow or no broadband one of the first things done will be updating applications which can easily eat up the sort of usage allowance most people can afford. 4G home broadband by breaking the link with telephone line rental can save people the £10 to £16 line rental, so the question really is whether EE can produce something in the £25 to £30 price range, that would accommodate a reasonable amount of catch-up TV viewing for a two person household.

A final twist, BT signed a MVNO agreement last week with EE, and while currently BT only offers mobile phone services to business users and its own staff, there is talk of BT returning to the consumer mobile phone arena, and dare we suggest perhaps buy a wholesale version of the EE 4G home broadband service as part of their armoury to meet the 2 Mbps Universal Service Commitment targets.


I used 3G mobile for 2 years until I got satellite. The Tower was 4 miles away as the crow flies. Sub 2Mbps speeds only and a pitiful download limit.

Would a 4G mast in the same location provide dramatically faster speeds?

  • PhilCoates
  • over 7 years ago

I think if they use 800mhz it might. Not sure someone else may confirm. But [email protected] new plans! £74.99 for a 50GB limit is extortonate, 3 times what 3 give you and they quote 12-15mbps which can be slower than 3! (in my area it's only 8 even on a monthly contract sim) LOL no thanks!

Okay so you get unlimited calls and texts but no one ever uses more than a few thou a month.

  • pcoventry76
  • over 7 years ago

Yeah but bear in mind that even with 3 i needed an aerial on the roof to get a signal into the house and then a router.

  • PhilCoates
  • over 7 years ago

Fat lot of good this is to many of us, as here in Oxfordshire we can't even get 3G, let alone 4G. Using mobile internet I can get about 1Kbps download speed at home, useless for almost anything.

  • keith969
  • over 7 years ago

800 MHz and a bit more power should give you more speed on a rooftop or more penetration into a building.

Total spectrum and capacity is limited so the number of active users is a big factor in the user experience.

  • herdwick
  • over 7 years ago

To all those crying about poor speeds, you don't need much for basic web browsing, otherwise you should be out working.

  • otester
  • over 7 years ago

4G on EE (and i think on Three if they use EEs infrastructure) will run at 1800Mhz the same as 2G AND won't "breath" like 3G does.
If you can get a 1-2 bar EE 2G signal (which would indeed be 1-4Kbps), then you would get the same signal on 4G from the same mast. However speeds would be 15-60Mbps.
800Mhz will when we get it will boost the signal strength even more.

  • ahockings
  • over 7 years ago

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