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Broadband map for Northumberland published

Another day another broadband map, this time it is Northumberland who has published an overview map of the County and the rough phases for which areas have superfast broadband available now, three subsequent stages and which areas are still being evaluated.

The project is aiming to build on commercial coverage levels of superfast broadband and as such is looking to get 95% of premises with the option of a fibre based broadband service by January 2016, and they did at the time of the contract signing indicate they expect 4% to get speeds below 25 Mbps. This is better than the expected behaviour for VDSL2 but if FTTP is used creatively to solve some of those clusters of properties a long way from their cabinet it is possible.

The map is lacking in detail, for example it is difficult to tell if a small village like Harbottle is in the under evaluation or end of 2015 sections. The under evaluation areas look massive for the County but the reality if you know Northumberland at all is that these areas cover areas like the Otterburn ranges, Kielder Forest Park and the Northumberland National Park and actually have a very small number of postcodes.


The map quality isn't that good, but the actual coverage they look to get is looking great. The population of Northumberland is mainly in the south east, which is covered by BT FTTC. The rest of the population is mainly in the coastal area and tyne valley (Hexham/Corbridge)

I'm hoping once the map is improved we get some cabinet infill in the areas not covered from BT. I'm concerned they'll see an exchange is enabled and then ignore it for any funding.

  • Kr1s69
  • over 7 years ago

Ourbroadband are currently working along side iNorthumberland to roll out FWA Broadband throughout rural Northumberland, in the meantime we supply Satellite Broadband to ensure everyone has access to some kind of broadband at home.

  • Ourbroadband
  • over 7 years ago

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