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Your home address to be published by Nominet!

Nominet UK has announced its intention to publish the home addresses of users who have registered domains ending .uk in the next few months. They intend to extend the information available via the public whois database to make it similar to the information already available for .com and some other domains.

An enterprising individual has decided to set up a web site opposing this decision and quite rightly so. Suggestions of PO Boxes and using friends' addresses have been touted but not only do these cost money, they go against the principle of privacy. Anyone from any country (including those not subject to English law) will have access to this information. At present, plans do not apparently include publication of e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, but it would not be surprising if they were brought in after a year or two to 'standardise whois output'.

We would strongly urge anyone who feels publishing home addresses on the web is wrong to get in touch with whoever they buy domains through and to visit this site, and vote:

>>> Don't Publish My Home Address On The Web <<<<br>


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