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Broadband for £13.48 a month?

Impossible? Well not quite, ZDNet UK have an item announcing that Telewest are to offer a 3 month special trial for Telewests cable modem service, i.e. £13.48 inc VAT per month for 3 months and £50 install fee. After the 3 month period the price reverts to the normal costs of £25 if you take other Telewest services, or £29.99 if not. Also if you decide you dont want to keep the service then the install fee will be refunded.

Of course this is only any use if already in a Telewest enabled area but for dialup users it's a great way of trying out broadband and perhaps getting used to and then continuing to use it once back at it's normal price.

This price cut is perhaps a direct shot across the bows of ADSL and in particular the new BTRetail Broadband service that is still a few months away. The offer itself is very like the offers that have existed in the US for some time, lets hope Telewest is making a sustainable offer that wont hurt their wallet too hard.


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