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FTTH milestone for Jersey as it passes 5,000 subscriptions

The roll-out of FTTH across the island of Jersey is a pattern that many would dearly love to be replicated in the UK. The Jersey project has proudly announced it has connected some 5,000 properties to the network - where connected means a subscription is in place.

The roll-out has a way to go still, but is on target to complete in 2016 with some 35,000 broadband customers then able to access a variety of broadband speeds all the way up to Gigabit.

"Once completed Jersey will be one of very few places in the world with fibre broadband connected all the way to the homes of every customer; that network is being put in place so that the Island is ready for the projected escalation in the services and entertainment which Islanders will access over the Internet.

Currently, we are simply switching all customers from broadband delivered over the previous copper cabling, to the new fibre-optic network; a vast majority will be done free of charge, and this is about building a new infrastructure for the future.

Once we are ready to switch a customer over to the new network we will write to them asking them to agree an appointment time to be 'switched'; all we need is for customers to react promptly once they receive that letter."

Dave Newbold, Gigabit Program Director for JT

The fact that the services are switching from ADSL2+ to FTTH for no change in price should ensure an almost universal take-up and when people analyse the take-up rates of fibre projects this lack of extra cost is something that needs to be watched out for. In the case of the Jersey roll-out the key to any return on investment is the reduced costs of running a full fibre optic network in the long term and the hope that those who want faster speeds will upgrade to the more expensive packages.


No extra cost?. So how much did they pay for ADSL2+?.

  • joe_pineapples
  • over 7 years ago

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