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Hampshire publishes maps for first phase of broadband improvements

Hampshire County Council at the end of last week published the map covering phase one for its superfast broadband improvement programme. This first phase is set to start being worked on in October and complete by the end of March 2014, benefiting some 6,000 premises.

Subsequent phases (2-7) will have their maps published in due course, with a target area map expected by the end of October and the detail being published closer to the actual work date.

The map itself features two insets for Southampton and Gosport and while the council has not released any postcode data some careful mapping suggests that in Southampton 9 postcodes may be involved (SO40 3AE, SO40 3BW, SO40 3AD, SO40 3BU, SO40 3ZA, SO40 3AB, SO40 3AG, SO40 3AF and SO40 3AA). In Gosport the larger green area covers 8 postcodes (PO13 9NS, PO13 9QU, PO13 9NR, PO13 9ED, PO13 9XS, PO13 9NH, PO13 9XU and PO13 9FL), the other cluster that is smaller in Gosport (Alverstoke) actually holds more postcodes (27).


I'm in Hampshire but we have recently been upgraded to FTTC already.

  • AspieMum
  • over 7 years ago

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