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AAISP boosts usage allowance to 100GB per month on Home::1

AAISP for a long time has been accepted by many as the quality ISP to join, but its usage allowances used to put many people off. When Home::1 was launched ten months ago it proved popular and by doubling the basic usage allowance from 50GB of anytime usage to 100GB the package is keeping pace with the increasing usage from customers.

"Since launch around a year ago, Home::1 has been very popular. However, as people utilise streaming television, film and music services more and more, they are obviously going to see increased download usage. The allowance increase recognises this - and in a meaningful way. We hope it will prove popular with customers; both existing and potential."

AAISP Director, Adrian Kennard

The new allowance comes into effect on the 1st October 2013, and adds to features of the service such as an unfiltered IPv4 and IPv6 connection (1 static IPv4 and a /48 of IPv6 addresses). The base price is £25 per month and extra usage can be bought in blocks of 50GB for £10, and the contract is a 6 month minimum term. If you think you will regularly need to topup usage, there are two add-ons to the monthly bill that will can boost usage to 200GB (extra £10) or 300GB (extra £20) which work out cheaper per GB.

The Home::1 service is available on ADSL/ADSL2+,FTTC and FTTP connections with appropriate price premiums for the faster services. To answer the obvious question, yes existing customers will benefit from the upgrade.


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