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Bath to open up 22km of fibre optic network

Bath and North East Somerset is an integral part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset plan that is meant to see 90% of premises connected to a FTTC or FTTP based fibre connection by the end of 2016. It seems though the Bath and North east Somerset Council is looking at further work itself, in the urban Wi-Fi and ultrafast broadband sector.

The council is planning to open up access to its 22km long fibre network in an attempt to encourage ultrafast broadband investment to encourage better connections for hi-tech business areas (i.e. planned Enterprise Area). Plus joint ventures to roll-out Wi-Fi and 4G using street furniture.

While there is very little real information, our suspicion is that the Wi-Fi/4G part will be based around the increasingly common Virgin Media Business solution like they are deploying in Birmingham.

The access to another 22km of fibre network is interesting, one assumes this is currently used to link various council premises and could put the council into competition with existing fibre ring providers like CityFibre who apparently have had a metro ring in Bath since 2011.


Surprised to see my home city mentioned on TBB!
CityFibre in Bath is for connecting the off-campus halls of residence to the main University campus. Not heard of any businesses (or residents) being able to buy it though.
Interested in the 22km of council fibre... didn't know it existed! Is that what all the schools use?

  • Chrismb
  • over 7 years ago

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