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Broadband voucher scheme for cities testing ends 30th September

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2013 12:42 PM

While the headline in a press release by the DCMS gives the main impression that the Broadband Voucher scheme trial that started in August is coming to an end, it is not totally clear if this is referring to just Manchester or Salford or includes the other areas of Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Update 3:30pm After checking via twitter with Ed Vaizey (@edvaizey) it has been confirmed that the end of the trial extends to all five cities.

In theory this leaves another eight working days to get an application in for the up to £3,000 grant if you are an eligible business in one of the five cities.

There has been very little visible chatter about the voucher scheme, this partly may be down to the launch date for the scheme, which in August would have seen many businesses operating in tick-over mode, otherwise known as silly season with key decision making staff on holiday. It would be interesting to hear from businesses in the five cities as to how well the council has publicised the scheme or that the first they have heard of it is through third party sites.


In Belfast the first we heard about it was a local trade association. That provided no assistance since there was no scheme in place to coordinate the voucher use to provide a service at a realistic on-going cost. However subsequently one of the registered suppliers contacted all the tenants in our building with an offer to install fibre to the building if 6 vouchers could be obtained and then provide 30Mb/s upwards symmetric for less than we are currently paying for ADSL2.

  • jphilip
  • over 7 years ago

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