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Faster Broadband for East Riding of Yorkshire

Friday afternoon saw another council sign its BDUK contract, but unusually the news only appeared on the councils own broadband website sometime after the local press had ran the story and the BT website still has to add news of the contract signing.

Those who live and work in the East Riding of Yorkshire have joined the majority of the country by now having signed their BDUK contract with BT and while this is good news for the rather precise 42,734 premises that will benefit from high-speed broadband. The project appears to be larger than this number of premises as there is talk of ensuring everyone gets speeds of 2 Mbps or faster, so it is possible the 42,000 figure is really referring to the number who will get speeds of faster than 24 Mbps (i.e. UK definition of super-fast)

The project involves some European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) which usually is limited in its use to ensuring businesses see significant improvements, the council was allocated £5,570,000 from the BDUK fund and BT is contributing £4m to the project which has a completion date of December 2015.

The precise technology mix is unknown, but a largely FTTC build, with some native FTTP (i.e. packages from 40 Mbps through to 330 Mbps available) deployed and then the promise of Fibre on Demand (330 Mbps) for those willing to pay the install fee in areas with FTTC.


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