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Talk21 update on closure of service

We learnt of a new offer for Talk21 (BT Basic email) customers last week and feel it is worth pointing out that the Question and Answer section that BT has online covering the withdrawal of Talk21 has been updated to reflect the offer of BT Premium Mail free for 12 months.

"We've already contacted all customers affected by the closure to tell you what you need to do to retain your email service. We've listened to your feedback and to give people more time to take action we've extended the deadline for these product closures to 30 September 2013.

Basic Mail customers will now also be eligible to take BT Premium Mail free for 12 months. We'll shortly be writing to all of these customers to confirm the revised closure date and the options available, so watch out for the email. "

Extract from BT Q&A on Talk21 closure

Given the tendency for spammers to react quickly to this sort of announcement we would urge caution about clicking links in emails about this subject even if the email looks genuine. In the past customers on BT Yahoo! have been targeted with very convincing phishing attacks.


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