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Nottinghamshire signs BDUK contract with the council spending £2.5m

Nottinghamshire is the latest county to sign its BDUK contract and is the second in recent days to not include a figure for the level of superfast coverage. The headline is that the £20m project will deliver fibre based broadband to 95% of premises across the county.

The funding is made up of £800,000 from District and Borough Councils, £2.7m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF - this funding is restricted to the aim of benefiting business), £4.5m from the BDUK, £2.5m from the County Council and £9.3m from BT. The scheme should benefit 52,000 businesses and homes, taking the number of premised covered by fibre based services to around 477,000.

This 95% connected to a FTTC based service (and a much smaller but unknown amount to a FTTP service, with Fibre on Demand available in FTTC areas) has a deadline of March 2016, and the final 5% are looking at a minimum speed of 2 Mbps, though no detail on the speed breakdown in the final 5%.

The breakdown on what percentage will get superfast speeds (be that the 24 Mbps or 30 Mbps definition) is not known, and we chased BT on Monday for this information but have been informed that until further planning work has been done the proportions will not be known.

For those businesses in Nottinghamshire there is a series of workshops that cover topics such as business use of social media, email marketing and selling online which run from 3rd September to 11th September.


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