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People have been asking how do they know which type of hardware is installed at their exchange. Well Eclipse Internet have come up trumps and have intergrated the new data that BT Wholesle released yesterday into their ADSL availability checker. This new data allows users to know whether their exchange has any Fujitsu DSL hardware in it.

The checker can be reached here. To find your whether your exchange is affected, simply enter your phone number - if you are connected to an affected exchange you will see:

Your line is currently connected to an exchange that BT are experiencing short term problems with. BT expect this problem to be resolved at the beginning of May 2002. If you require ADSL on this line we recommend you request an installation date in May 2002. Please note this problem is affecting all ADSL Providers and not just Eclipse Internet.

If your exchange is not affected then you should receive their normal message which is:

Your line will typically take 10 working days to install from the date we accept your order..


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