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Suffolk adds a totaliser to its Better Broadband campaign

The Eastern Daily Press has covered the news that the first cabinets from the eventual 400 that will be erected to provider FTTC services across the county as part of the BDUK project are going live, and the good news is that these are apparently three months ahead of schedule.

The Suffolk Better Broadband website shows a different way of tracking the roll-out, in addition to a totaliser indicating that the work to bring better broadband across the county is 59% complete, the map gives an approximate date for when work will happen in individual parishes across the county, with a colour scale reflecting the date in 2013 through to 2015.

The areas being enabled at present appear to be cabinets on exchanges that were already offering FTTC services via the commercial roll-out, thus will have been the cabinets in areas that the BT accountants calculated as being more expensive to enable for each likely broadband subscription that might result.

Suffolk was one of the counties to be more honest on the speeds people would get from the project, with 85% estimated as getting 24 Mbps or faster and this information was published back in 2012 well before any calls for better information by ministers.


A bit better than the Fastershire rollout that shows "189 homes and businesses in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire now have access to faster broadband through Fastershire funding" (counter at bottom of homepage )

  • alwall
  • over 7 years ago

What use is a parish checker if you're in an enabled area but stuck on an EO line

  • callmeleroy
  • over 7 years ago

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