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BT commits £8.9 million to better broadband in Worcestershire

BT and Worcestershire County Council have signed their BDUK contract, with the aim being to push high-speed fibre based broadband to over 90% of premises in the county. The current commercial roll-out by Openreach in the county is due to serve 176,000 premises by the end of Spring 2014, with this new project adding a further 55,000 premises.

The project is based around the original £3.35 million from the BDUK, with a further £8.5 million from the council itself and £8.9 million from BT. The project while largely based around FTTC fibre services will include some FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) in a few areas in addition to the Fibre on Demand product that will make FTTP available in FTTC areas for those willing to sign a three year contract.

"This fantastic news marks the beginning of a remarkable transformation of broadband in Worcestershire and will result in at least 90 per cent of homes and businesses able to access superfast speeds. “The UK already does more business online than any other European country, and widespread access to superfast broadband will provide a tremendous boost to the Worcestershire local economy."

Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey

Update 11:45am: BT has got back to us and has confirmed that the 90% figures refer to 90% of premises having access to broadband at speeds of faster than 24 Mbps, thus superfast.


Quick note: Is the 90% of all the planned VDSL lines (see, or is it 90% of all households?

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