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Annual price rise season is upon us once more at Plusnet

PlusNet has announced a round of price changes that will take effect in October 2013. There is no great shock value, as for a few years some prices like voice line rental have seen annual price rises, of course there is the option of pre-paying for 12 months line rental.

  • For those who took Home Phone (and have not changed) from PlusNet before May 8th 2013, voice line rental will rise from £13.99 a month to £14.99. NOTE: This price rise only applies if you pay £13.99 for voice line rental now, standard list price is £14.50 if you were to sign up today.
  • Line Rental Saver for call plans with £14.99 a month line rental will be £137.88 (equivalent monthly price of £11.49 per month). Existing line rental saver customers if nearing the end of their 12 months can renew earlier to secure the pre-October price.
  • Talk Anytime call plan will increase from £4/month to £4.50/month.
  • Talk Anytime International call plans will increase from £6/month to £6.50/month.
  • Details of changes to call charges are on the PlusNet site.
  • Customers on the old Value or Extra broadband packages who do not take a Home Phone service from PlusNet will see a £1.50 per month surcharge introduced.
  • Notice period will increase to 14 days from the current 10 days.
  • Cease charge which should only apply in cases where you are ceasing services in a property, (e.g. account cancelled without migrating to another provider) will increase from £25 to £30.

Those people with a PlusNet service should get an email notifying them of the changes, so it is worth keeping an eye out for this, particularly if it is sent to an account you do not use a lot.

Update Friday 2nd August We had previously said that people opting for line rental saver would lose their inclusive Weekend calls package, but if you are currently paying line rental of £13.99 (as opposed to list price of £14.50) you will still retain your inclusive Evening & Weekend calls package when opting for line rental saver, and if done before October 1st it will cost £125.88 avoiding the price rise.


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