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Another option for satellite broadband

We covered some of the problems people are having with one of the satellite broadband providers a week ago, but there are other options and a new ISP called broadband everywhere. This new service is based on the SES' Astra 2F service, so has high speed coverage limited to England and Wales, but as using different infrastructure it may avoid the issues some Tooway resellers are having.

broadband everywhere is part of Box Limited and has a range of packages available from a basic 4 Mbps (4GB allowance) at £13 per month through to an unlimited 20 Mbps with 2 Mbps upload service at £70 per month.

There is a fair use policy to consider when looking at the packages, and you need to balance the up front costs of buying the equipment outright versus paying for it monthly, which increases the cheapest package to £29/month. If you do opt for a package and find your monthly usage is higher than expected you can reset the data counter for a fee, so if on the basic service an extra 4GB costs you £7, or the 30GB allowance service costs £25 for a counter reset.

For those looking for service in Scotland or for a motorhome, there are other packages available, but these generally offer slower download and upload speeds.


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