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David Edmond's from Oftel speaks

Mr Edmonds from Oftel gave a speech on Wednesday to the Social Market Foundation - it has a few gems of interest for broadband users. The full text is available on Oftels website here.

Apparently there is quite a bit of 'noise in the system' around broadband where from I dont know, but Mr Edmonds wanted to make clear some of the numbers:

1. ADSL has over 180,000 consumers ( ADSLguide presumes this includes the ~11,000 Karoo customers ).
2. Cable modem services have over 280,000 consumers.
3. The rate of take up of broadband in the UK is comparable to that in France - even though France had a head start.

The rest of the speech goes on to layout Oftels position, on letting the market decide via effective and sustainable competition. It appears that Oftel is all about building frameworks to allow competition to develop and that we are starting to see these benefits come through now.


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