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CityFibre connects first York based customer

CityFibre is a regular on the 'Broadband Britain' circuit and back in 2012 promised fibre to within 200 metres of 80% of York businesses by March 2012. We do not know if that promise has been fulfilled, but the fibre operator has announced the first business Internet leased line connection at Gigabit speeds to PureNet who are located in York Business Park which is just inside the North West corner of the York ring road.

"Reliable Internet connectivity is of critical importance to PureNet, and when we discovered CityFibre’s new Internet Leased Lines service, we leapt at the chance to sign up with them and receive the best connectivity available. Our customers rely on communication with our servers and we constantly interact with other systems, so such a robust and high capacity broadband service will provide us with huge increases in productivity – unlike previous suppliers that just held us back."

Ian Lawton, Chief Technical Officer at PureNet

We have no idea what price CityFibre are charging and the problems that PureNet had with previous suppliers, but it is likely that Gigabit Ethernet from the usual culprits would cost around £7,000 per month for an uncontended 200 Mbps connection (support for burst speeds to 1 Gbps) a full symmetric uncontended connection would probably be double the price, reflecting the increased costs of passing the traffic in and out to the Internet.

If CityFibre is under cutting the big operators like BT, Virgin Media, Cable & Wireless and others then it may liven up the competition in the business market, but as we understand their plans there is no commitment to provide cheaper contended FTTP to residential properties in the areas of York where they have installed their fibre ring.


I'm not sure where the price of £7k pm for 200Mb on gig bearer came from. We would quote at less than double this per year...

I'm sure CityFibre is a great offering, but the comparisons seem some what wide of the mark..

  • PeteK
  • over 7 years ago

A 1Gb circuit with VM Business would cost considerably less than £7k per month.

  • weesteev
  • over 7 years ago

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