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Freeserve Reduced Price Startup Pack

Freeserve are running an offer until the 31st May 2002 whereby the ADSL modem and activation costs are £84.99 (inc VAT) instead of the usual £149.99 for their wires-only service.

The monthly fee is £29.99 inc VAT, which isn't ground breaking but appears to be the price point for the large players - a lot of the smaller ISP's undercut or match this and offer more in the package, e.g. single or multiple static IP's.

By bundling the modem with the activation, Freeserve are in common with BTopenworld by wanting users to use the same standard USB hardware, rather than giving users a free choice. Also there is no visible mention of how long the contract is, this suggests it's probably a 12 month contract.

If this were a school report I think the comments would be 'could be better', for a large company to take so long to arrive at such a middle of the road package is a little odd.


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