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VDSL2 coming soon to a lamp post near you

VDSL2 to a lamp post is not much use to most people, but it is one of the Equivalence of Input (EOI) products that Openreach is making available and builds on the Street Access service that uses 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps Ethernet circuits currently.

With so many cities working projects to roll-out Wi-Fi zones the ability to cheaply get 40 to 80 Mbps of bandwidth to every lamp post will be crucial if the zones are to do more than just serve a plaza outside the council offices.


Five of us could buy that and share it rather than having 5 circuits.

  • herdwick
  • over 7 years ago

the latest release on bt sin 498 (v5, jun 13) has details of 'street access physical realisation'
seams to say it uses naked dsl too.

  • ggremlin
  • over 7 years ago

Surely it is much use to most people though? If they bring it to the lampost surely that means much higher speeds now and in the future 1Gbps+ using

Or won't it work like that? Is this for something new and we won't see a shift of the DSLAM from the cab to the post for current FTTC?

  • GMAN99
  • over 7 years ago

@GMAN99 this is NOT but putting a VDSL modem into a lamp post so it can provide connectivity for a Wi-Fi hotspot, or for cctv hardware and other infrastructure.

Might be some potential if there is a high demand in an area to help make a cabinet commercial that otherwise was not.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 7 years ago

We don't have any lamp posts or pavements. Telephone and electricity cables are underground.We have to pay for satellite TV - weak signal.Ditto mobile phones.We are miles from a telephone exchange. BB used to be 2.1 MB. Today 1.68 MB and steadily getting worse in past few months.We won't get Fibre.New copper cable would help.Cable has not been replaced since we moved here in 1965. BT nor Talktalk won't do it, while the local town served by out exchange has been upgraded to fibre. When will it be our turn?

  • dragon1945
  • over 7 years ago

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