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More changes to migrations on the way from Ofcom

The Annual Report from Ofcom carries a little news on broadband migrations, there was the proposed changes announced to superfast broadband migrations the other day, but a much wider set of changes have been expected for some time, and after a consultation 17 months ago Ofcom is set to make a policy statement and carry out another consultation this summer.

"We explained in the consultation that our preferred option is a harmonised process, in which the new provider would manage the switching process, including the transfer of services from the old provider.

To guard against slamming, where a consumer is switched to a different provider without consent, the switch would be checked and verified by an independent third party.

We received a significant number of responses to the consultation. We have completed further work to inform our assessment and the scope of our policy statement, which is due to be published in the summer. This will also include a consultation on some specific aspects and will also set out next steps in relation to our work on switching."

Extract from page 21 of Ofcom Annual Report

We ran a poll back in 2012 when the consultation was taking place, that asked our visitors about how long the gap in service was and for 17% of those responding the actual switchover day saw them without broadband for up to an hour, the largest segment was 42% who experienced a seamless switchover.

The favoured approach appears to be the creation of an intermediary who would verify any switch to avoid slamming, how this would work in practice we will not know until Ofcom publishes the exact process and even then we may find the reality differs from the plan as commercial operators will endeavour to shape any processes to work in their favour.


The irony is the most effective method against slamming is the MAC. It is also the quickest switching method. Ofcom don't want this though. If they regulated effectively they could fine offenders instead of wasting millions of pounds on the new process

  • bcs
  • over 7 years ago

I was told no migration process exists on FTTP products, not even if I move with the same exchange area. If you want to move, pay up for rest of contract, plus sign up for a new contract with new installation fees. Does anybody know why?

  • MHMertens
  • over 7 years ago

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