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Greater Manchester consults on its broadband project

Greater Manchester has been allocated £990,000 as part of the BDUK process to improve broadband across the eight metropolitan borough councils and as with other parts of the UK a public consultation has to be run.

The public consultation at this stage is open to broadband suppliers, businesses and residents with particular interest on whether there are any inaccuracies with the proposed intervention areas. There are maps available, and a spread sheet of postcodes that is also available via a web search so that those in the area can check what the classification of their postcode is and report any anomalies.

In addition to the £990,000 from the BDUK, it appears that the European Regional Development Fund will be used to boost the level of funding with an application for £4.9 million underway, in addition to contributions from the borough councils and the eventual contract winner.

Even if the maps agree with your understanding of broadband speeds and availability in your area it is worth filling in the survey to help build the picture, and just maybe help steer the project in what areas get helped first.

No firm goals for the level of superfast broadband coverage have been made yet beyond the aim of maximising availability of a superfast (faster than 30 Mbps) service, and ensuring that everyone can get 2 Mbps or faster. The cities of Salford and Manchester themselves fall under a different set of funding, so if you have slow broadband it is a case of chasing the respective city council for more information.


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