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Yahoo portal to feature Sky News video content

The Yahoo portal is already using text based stories from Sky News, but this content deal is set to deepen with a new partnership that will see video from the Sky News channel made available to the 6.5 million Yahoo users in the UK and many more across the globe.

This latest deal follows on from Sky adopting Yahoo as the email provider for its customers, and just after BT announced the closing of its BT Yahoo! portal later this summer and the transition of the retail giants email service from Yahoo to Critical Path. The new portal for BT Retail customers should give more information on the email transition and looks set to be a new portal that is more integrated into the BT TV experience as well as providing a single login for email and customer account information.

"The new has been developed to make things easier and more engaging for our customers. They will only have to log in to this single site for all their requirements.

The new will feature breaking and exclusive news and features from a dedicated team of journalists at the Press Association covering areas such as news, entertainment and lifestyle. With also launching in the summer, we’ll bring customers exclusive live sports action as well.

We will be switching customers’ email over to BT Mail, which will include the features and functions they expect from a modern email service. It will also feature in-built anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. We will be keeping our customers fully informed about what changes to expect and when they will be able to enjoy the new services ."

Nick Wong, director of online for BT’s Consumer division

The Yahoo email system has been the source of much angst and spam for consumers for some time now partly because Yahoo has been a favourite target of hackers and social engineering attacks that email random people in the hope people will click through and enter their login details into a web page that looks very like the real site and may sometimes even redirect you to the real site after you login.

While the easy reaction to all the changes is that BT is moving because of the amount of hacking, it seems much more likely now this Sky News video deal is public that BT did not want its customers using a portal that had a very easy way to promote its closest competitors products.


To be honest after all the ongoing row over mail secutiry and now PRISM if I was still a Sky customer I would be wondering why the ISP went to Yahoo.
It just looks like Sky doesn't care about customers at all and are maximising their profit at any cost.

At least BT seems to have a veneer of concern over the security issues and have looked liked they bailed out as soon as they could.

  • undecidedadrian
  • over 7 years ago

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