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BT told to stop advertising free Youview box by ASA

Back in January 2013 the ASA ruled on TalkTalk and their Huawei YouView offer, telling the provider they could not advertise it as free and subsequent to this the provider added a free self-install option. Fast forward six months and we have a number of members of the public complaining to the ASA about the BT YouView advertising, with two of the four complaints upheld.

BT has and is still charging an activation fee of £49 for its YouView box, but at the time of the complaints the box was promoted as free, which in light of the complaints appears to have vanished from their advertising. BT tried to say the £49 fee covered a dedicated support service and the two Powerline adapters also supplied made it easier for people to connect the YouView box to their BT HomeHub.

What many may not know is that TalkTalk provide a Huawei version of the YouView box, and BT use a Humax device, which is more of a household name in the TV set-top box arena. This accounts for one of the complaints that was not upheld, as it was the Humax box that has won two awards (Stuff Magazine Awards 2012 and What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Awards 2012).


Sky did (or still do?) a similar thing with their free upgrade to Sky+HD adverts that we got when we only had SD. Always seemed a bit suspect to charge a non trivial set-up fee.

  • mungojam
  • over 7 years ago

BT sent me an email offering a free Youview box. When I called to accept the offer I was told it was a fiver a month and 49 quid setup. I pointed out that was not free. After many calls and emails they offered to do it for 0 per month but still 49 quid setup. I told them that still was not free and we agreed to differ. I told them I would take it up with the ASA :)

  • dogbark
  • over 7 years ago

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