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Easynet tops the Speed League with 8Mbps ADSL

Over on ZDNet they have a news item with some pricing for Easynet's LLU products.

Dizzying speeds of 8Mbps can be purchased for £299/month, with a 4Mbps product at £199/month, both with 768kbps upstream speed. Okay, so the prices arent exactly within consumer reach, but for business users that sort of bandwidth normally costs an awful lot more. For companies that want to host lots of content, SHDSL (SDSL) variants are available at a variety of speeds from 512kbps to 2Mbps. Obviously the ADSL products will be distance limited, 8Mbps has a limit of 2km (cable length), with the range increasing as you drop down the speed range. Since the SHDSL product is aimed at people running servers, the SLA should be better than what you get with the standard BT Wholesale products.

Easynet currently have around 100 exchanges with their hardware in them including exchanges in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and central London.


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