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O2 and Fluidata sign multi-million pound contract

While 4G promises much higher mobile broadband speeds, it appears the mobile operators are not going to rely on that solely, hence the increased emphasis on the roll-out of WiFi networks. O2 and Fluidata have just signed a multi-million pound contract to provide additional resilience and extend coverage via the Fluidata Service Exchange Platform to improve the O2 WiFi service.

With more and more people relying on WiFi when out and about in the high street outages are obviously becoming more of a problem and Fluidata has a strong reputation in providing resilient connections across the UK. The use of the Service Exchange Platform also helps to aggregate connections across some 16 major carriers and is linking around 50 providers at this time.

"Our Service Exchange Platform means that ISPs can offer a service to consumers in areas previously beyond their reach. It?s good news for businesses and consumers, as they have a wider choice of networks. O2 Wifi is deploying a uniform and free service for all its consumers so it needs to be able to deploy hotspots wherever customers demand them."

Fluidata MD Piers Daniell


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