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Kingston Communications to offer Business ADSL

Pricing for Kingston Communications Business products is starting to appear - there is one major implication, they make BT Wholesale pricing look cheap.

Solo Rapid Biz 512kbps
Single Dynamic IP address service.
Installation including modem £149
Monthly Fee £39 with 1GB/day limit.
Monthly Fee £69 with no limits.

Static IP service, upto 5 IP's
Installation Fee £750
Router £1400 - must use the supplied device, believed to be a Cisco router.
Monthly Fee £99.

It appears that Karoo are making the most of the monopoly in their area, other ISP's are able to buy a wholesale service from them but as far as we are aware no ISP's have done that yet.

The issue of them specifying a bandwidth limit on the business product is interesting, and perhaps is the start of similar things happening in the rest of the UK.


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