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A dozen eggs, broadband and Tesco clubcard points too

Tesco every 12 months or so appear to do a big offer on their unlimited downloads broadband package and home phone service, and the big headline with the latest offer is that if you have a Tesco Mobile service and quote the promotion code MOBFREE4 you can get broadband free for 12 months. There is of course the small matter of the £14.90 voice line rental, and the broadband cost reverts to £6/month at the end of the 12 month period.

For those without a Tesco mobile there is another promotion using the code 4OFF, which reduces the cost of the broadband element to £2 per month, returning to the standard £6 per month after 12 months.

The full standard price list for the Tesco broadband and phone services are on Tesco operate a two tier price system, which revolves around where C&W has its MPF LLU service, as that is who operate the core part of the product, outside the LLU network the standard price rises to £16 per month, but you still qualify for £4 off.

While the headline promotions are for a broadband and telephone bundle, you can order just broadband via Tesco (provided using SMPF LLU), with your voice line rental via any WLR provider (e.g. Post Office, Primus and many others). A different promotion is running on the broadband-only products where it is £8 per month for six months if in their low cost network area, and £10 per month for six months elsewhere, reverting to £16 and £20 per month respectively thereafter.


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