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New Oftel ADSL Factsheet

Oftel have published the latest monthly ADSL fact sheet which can be found on their website here.

Amongst other facts it confirms are the number of DSL users in the UK, approx. 165,000 with a BT Wholesale service and around 11,000 connected via Karoo. All the exchanges in the Karoo (Hull) area are DSL enabled and as of the end of March 2002, there were 1014 enabled in BT areas.

The fact sheet confirms the fate of the old USB users, whose product, the BTipstream 500 service, will cease to be sold in August 2002. BT Wholesale will continue to support it, and in August 2003 will migrate any remaining users to the BTipstream Home 500 service.

The new BT Central Plus service, which is to be used as a bare-bones service by BT Retail has also had it's wholesale price released, to install a BTCentral Plus product costs £50,000 and £165,000 for the annual rent (figures may vary). This is for a product that will support up to 5000 users. Break this figure down into a monthly figure and you get £2.75 per month for rental, and spreading the install over 2 years gives 42 pence per month, add this to the basic BTipstream Home rental of £14.75 gives a monthly figure of £17.92, add the VAT @ 17.5% and we arrive at £21.05.

£21.05 inc VAT for a service that includes no email/news etc. is only £3 less than the cheapest ISP ADSL services now - given that BT Retail will have further costs on top of this, e.g. support and sales staff it looks like tales of £15/month for a retail product are some way off the mark. Admittedly a price of £21/month looks very attractive compared to say BTopenworld and other ISPs up at the £29.99 price point.


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