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O2 DSL customer base continues to shrink

O2 and Be has shown a quarter on quarter reduction in fixed broadband customer numbers for some time, but the last quarter when some 40,700 customers left was worse than usual. If the number of O2/Be customers looking for a new provider on our forums after the purchase by BSkyB was announced is representative of the general feeling then that may be the main factor, but that is only speculation. The reduction in numbers has previously been attributed to the lack of super fast fibre based services on the O2 and Be platform.

The number of fixed line broadband customers at the end of March 2013 stood at 519,400, which with the results from Sky announced the other day suggests that BSkyB is just shy of the magic five million broadband customers by around 50,000 connections.

The notion that the reduction in customer numbers is not solely down to the takeover is somewhat supported by the fact that the Home Telephone service which was also bought by BSkyB gained 7,100 customers.


Well I moved my two longstanding (> 4 years) BE connections to Plusnet following the announcement of the purchase by Sky.

I think the average BE customer is reasonably "techie" and knows what they want from an ISP. Shame really as in its earlier days BE was class leading and a breath of fresh air.

  • farrina
  • over 7 years ago

I moved from Be* after much deliberation to get fibre as I didn't want to wait any longer. That turned out to be 2 months before bsb took over. Had I not left be* when I did I would have definitely left for even a non fibre service rather than have anything to do with sky. I would suggest the two events have conspired to finish off any loyalty customers had.

As farrina said a real shame Be* WAS a fantastic provider.

  • brucie245
  • over 7 years ago

I left O2 for Plusnet as well. If I had moved to fibre then I am sure I would have had to take out a new Sky contract and they wanted £20 a month for upto 40Mbps but Plusnet was £20 a month for upto 80Mbps so it was a no brainer.

  • atari_mark
  • over 7 years ago

I also left Be* For plusnet no fibre in my street the cabinet is commercially unviable.
Moved for a good deal from plusnet and avoid SKY.
Last time i tried to join sky i canceled because they could fix my broadband line after no service for 5 days and the cooling off period was about to end. They did nothing to help and still asked if i wanted Sky Tv after all the trouble.I was only joining them for the Broadband speed not for there Sky TV Channels, but that came as a package so i left and went to Be* which was great for speed.

  • dparr59
  • over 7 years ago

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