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Broadband numbers Ofcom publishes corrected figures

Thursday 9th May 2013 Ofcom has re-issued its telecom data due to a significant error in the data. The total of residential and SME broadband connections in the UK is 21,680,000 rather than the 22,174,000 previously mentioned. The rise of 356,000 is much more the level of growth we are used to seeing, rather than the large jump of 659,000 the original data suggested.

The corrections mean that the BT Retail market share has actually risen by 0.5 percentage points in the last 12 months to give a share of 29.6%. The figures for LLU lines remain the same at 8.8 million, with the more recent OTA2 update that follows giving a more recent figure.

The Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA2) who focus on Openreach and the WLR/LLU market and services like the Ethernet products has in its latest data shows that the growth does not look short lived, as of Q4 2012 Ofcom listed 8.8 million LLU lines, but the OTA2 figures for the end of April 2013 reveal LLU has now grown to 9.02 million lines (back in 2005, there was just 123,000 LLU lines).

Sky and TalkTalk make up some 8 million of these LLU lines, with the Sky LLU service available to around 88% of UK premises, and TalkTalk serving an even larger network of around 92-93% of UK premises.

It is interesting to consider that the 30 year long commercial experiment that resulted in many small cable operations that have eventually all merged and now are in foreign ownership has only around half the broadband customers that entrants to the broadband market in the last decade have.

An often overlooked part of the work of the OTA2 is to track performance metrics for Openreach and after a general decline from April 2012 onwards to the worst period that appears to be been Feb/March 2013 generally Openreach is performing better in terms of fault repair and provisioning. There is still lots of scope for improvement, and for those ordering an Ethernet service there is no signs of a turn around yet.


Very true about Ethernet provision. We signed in January for a 90 day delivery. We were told last month that it would be end of May. All they have to do is blow the fibre down two miles of ducting. At least half of the ducting will already have been cleared for the FTTC roll-out in town.

90 days should be ample time for a business to complete a job. Extending it to 120 days 'just because' is crap.

  • AndrueC
  • over 7 years ago

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