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BTopenworld moving away from low cost ADSL access?

If one reads into the broadband section of BT's announcement today one can perhaps see a re-positioning of Openworld within BT's main broadband focus. (Full Press release is here.)

The section of interest is:
BT Retail will also continue to expand its brand into other new areas such as communications services for small and medium-sized businesses and wider corporate communication technology solutions including mobile services. BTopenworld is to continue to offer the full-service product for consumers and SMEs whilst also increasing its focus on value-added services.

Previously BTopenworld has been the sole retail source for internet access within BT for consumers, with BT Retail expanding into the connection only arena and possibly further it looks as though BTopenworld is to be positioned as an added-value service. Certainly BTopenworld positioning in the mid to upper teir of pricing appears to reflect this new corporate position, particularly when one considers that a basic ADSL connection with a single static IP address and business package is priced at £39.99+VAT per month.

The question that is unanswered and is difficult to second guess is where this new postering leaves all those users currently with BTopenworld? Exisiting USB 500 customers saw the Wholesale price drop by £15/month recently, but only saw a saving of £10/month. Some ISP's went the opposite direction and dropped from £52/month right down to £29.99 a month (e.g. Zen Internet), but one ISP namely Claranet has left its customers who are on the old USB 500 12 month contracts stuck at the old price with none of the cost savings passed on.


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