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Value of Northamptonshire deal with BT now known

Northamptonshire County Council who have a target of getting superfast services to 100% of premises in the county by March 2017 has now signed the contract with BT, which means that the financial details are now available.

BT is matching the combined amount of £8.1 million that comes from the BDUK and Northamptonshire County Council giving a project total of £16.2 million to improve broadband speeds for the 53,000 homes and businesses in the intervention areas.

"This is undoubtedly one of the biggest projects we’re involved with which will make an enormous difference in bringing prosperity to the county.

Having widely available superfast broadband is essential if we are to compete in the digital global economy and I’m delighted that we’ve reached such a significant stage of this initiative."

Andre Gonzalez De Savage, Northamptonshire County Council cabinet member for infrastructure and public protection

Down in the depths of the Northamptonshire County Council website is a superfast broadband page, that does link to maps showing the various areas where the project will intervene, but no phased timetable like Lincolnshire published. Importantly there is a parish/village broadband survey running until 31st March 2013, so if you live in rural parish in the county make sure you fill this in. Given the eventual 100% superfast target, we can only presume that the survey is all about prioritising the areas for roll-out.

There is an alternate site for Northamptonshire which is that seems to duplicate in a more blog like way the council's broadband content, but some parts of out of date as the project has moved on. There is an interactive map but it can be slow due to the amount of data when you enable the superfast layer.


Subsidy down to c£150 per premise passed, still double Northern Ireland, but half of Wales, a form of progress.
Is the BT match all NGA investment across Northhants or just in the intervention area? Is the match contracted or is it a non contacted 'Up to' match?

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