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Lincolnshire County Council picks AB Internet for projects

Residents and businesses in two areas of Lincolnshire are set to benefit from improved broadband well ahead of the larger BDUK/BT funded project. AB Internet has been selected to provision its wireless broadband service in two pilot projects providing the choice of a 2 Mbps all the way through to a 50 Mbps service.

"This project is absolutely groundbreaking, not only does it show a clear endorsement of AB Internet’s track record of transforming rural areas, but it highlights confidence placed in fixed wireless access as a realistic alternative for ‘traditional’ methods of Superfast Broadband delivery. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a clear message to residents in these areas that the council has listened, and is delivering on promises to help transform their broadband lives."

Darren Round, Managing Director of AB Internet

The two areas that are part of the pilot are:

  • Area 1: Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards and Willoughby with Sloothby
  • Area 2: Old Leake and Wrangle, Frithville, Stickney and Sibsey

The pilots are the result of £300,000 of funding from the European Regional Development Fund and helps to show that while a council may pick BT for the main roll-out there is lots of scope to use smaller more agile companies to roll-out services to meet specific needs.

For residents curious to learn more it is best to check out the onlincolnshire project at for the latest information as the pilots progress.


I believe a similar thing is going to happen in North Yorkshire where the council is going to tender for a provider to supply a wireless service over wide areas of the really rural and sparesly populated parts of the county. This will mean that most areas in the final 10% of the county will get much better than the 2Mbps USC.

  • desouzr
  • over 7 years ago

This I think is retrograde, it may be cheaper fpr the County Council but once in place will deter FTTC and FTTH which are most certainly the platforms of the future. It will I think ensure a second class expensive future for those covered. Satellite is available now and Unlimited is little more than these intend to charge for limited packages. Save the money and put it toward the future.

  • BostonRedSox
  • over 7 years ago

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