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Zen expands Ethernet nodes to offer better business services

While many small businesses can survive on consumer grade products, there are those where being able to guarantee that bandwidth between their premises and their services running in a data centre is critical. This is where Ethernet services take over and in particular can offer significant amounts of guaranteed bandwidth onto a providers network.

Zen announced earlier in 2013 that it was going to support Ethernet services utilising GEA-FTTC and GEA-FTTP for the final mile of connection in addition to traditional copper or fibre solutions. They are now now investing some £3.5 million to create new Points of Presence that will support 200 Ethernet nodes at local exchanges across the UK.

"Our business has grown considerably over the last few years and our requirements had moved beyond broadband, so we decided to move to a dedicated leased line. We looked at various options and realised that traditional Ethernet leased lines were prohibitively expensive. However, we realised that moving to Zen's EFM service provided from their new Ethernet network would be both affordable and practical for us. We have experienced a marked change in the speed of delivery since upgrading and our confidence that the Zen Ethernet leased line would work well and offer us a stable, secure and cost-effective solution, adaptable to our future needs, has certainly been justified. We are now 3 months down the line and we are very pleased with the results."

Jon Dunning, CEO at Nomical Networks, an early adopter of Zen’s new Ethernet services

Ethernet services can offer just 10 Mbps all the way through to 1 Gbps, with the costs varying according to precisely what a business needs.


Some time back I had a quote from Easynet for a 2 Mbps (Synchronous DSL) connection running to approx 2,000 pa and I wonder how EFM compares. Unfortunately, while Zen shows PoPs in Northwich and Wrexham, Chester has none, so I guess that rules it out (not every location, and my client is withing a cricket ball's throw of the Roman Walls, can currently get fibre and Openreach seems uninterested even in a small business area with up to a dozen different firms).

  • NetGuy
  • over 7 years ago

/Openreach seems uninterested/

Strange. They showed no reluctance here with only six businesses. Damn near leapt down the landlord's throat after he gave them a speculative call. We're a mile outside of Bicester.

  • AndrueC
  • over 7 years ago

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