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Fibre broadband coming to Overbury and Conderton

The Overbury Estate which has a tradition of keepings it infrastructure up to date which has meant in the past it was one of the first rural communities to have running water, electricity and telephone services is set to continue the trend in the 21st century with the roll-out of a point to point fibre Gigabit service installed in Overbury and Conderton.

The network has been built by Fibre Options using Calix hardware and means that the villages will be the envy of many city dwellers not just in the UK but across the world.

"The Overbury Estate may be a small community, but we have a big vision. We aim to create a rural quality of life that is as well-resourced as urban living, but with all the advantages of landscape and environment, relaxed lifestyle, and close community ties.

That includes high-quality broadband services that allow residents to live, work, and play as they want. The pilot has been very successful and we are now rolling out to all the houses on the Estate, plus a drop-in hub for villagers, local craftspeople and organizations to use for their business purposes. Eventually we will be able to extend the services to the other community facilities too."

Mrs Penelope Bossom, owner Overbury Estate

Calix will be exhibiting at the FTTH Council Europe Conference which is just 7 days away, remember if you register using the discount code LOFTTH59 you will save 20% on the registration fee. With the 19th February set aside as an investors day, it represents the ideal opportunity for potential investors to see what all the fuss is about and learn from the many other projects that are underway or completed across Europe.


whoohoo! great stuff Pen, power to your people.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 7 years ago

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