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Hope for people changing ISP's

Oftel in their monthly state of ADSL update have some much awaited news - the full factsheet can be read here.

BTWholesale are due to run a trial for 4 to 8 weeks starting on 18th March 2002 that will mean users wanting to change ISP's wont need to go through the pain of a full cease/provide. If the trial goes well then they hope to provide this as a full service once the trial is over.

Also news of a new product from BT for particular interest of ISP's is a BTcentral Plus service, which will enter trial stages on 11th March 2002 - this allows an ISP to buy a Central Plus product which is essentially a Home Gateway that links directly from the ATM network out onto the internet. The minimum size of order for this is 5000 users - this means the ISP requires no infrastructure for users to get online and may be attractive to ISP's who want an ADSL presence with the minimum of overheads, or dont want to locate servers within the UK - which may be something that AOL have been waiting for.

On a final note the headline figures for ADSL users in the UK as of end of February 2002 are 146,000 connected via BT Wholesale products, 11,000 via Karoo (Kingston Communications) and 200+ LLU lines now.


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