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Jersey fibre take-up lower than original projections

JT (Jersey Telecom) is apparently already more than half way (26,115 homes passed out of 42,000) through putting their new fibre network into the streets, but it appears there are problems either with delays to orders for those ordering a service or demand for the service is well below original projections.

The BBC has several quotes from Jersey's Treasury Minister which indicate problems with a subcontractor may be part of the reason that only 1,737 homes were connected as of 31st December 2012 (1,000 were already connected by September 2012). The original estimates on take-up for the project had hoped for 3,505 to be connected and using the new fibre network at the end of the year.

While the number of homes connected looks very low it still reflects a take-up rate of 6.65% which for such a short time is not unreasonable. Generally demand led projects see higher take-up early on, but commercial projects tend to have a more gradual growth curve. In theory the broadband services are the same price and remove the issue of line length from the equation, so an 8 Mbps service will connect at exactly that speed.

The summer may help to drive demand as peak season arrives, who knows there might even be Gigabit tourists who are looking to experience what a 1000 Mbps connection feels like. Kansas City with its Google Fiber project has start-ups buying properties to access the Gigabit network there, though there are differences since Google Fiber is not connecting businesses per se and the usage limits on the JT fiber services mean for heavy users the service is less attractive.

JT has a dedicated website for the fibre service


Last September "Of the 1,000 paying customers only 10 have taken up the fastest 1Gb/s offering, with 40 taking the 100Mb/s connection."

  • herdwick
  • over 8 years ago

Just had a look at the JT site:

1Gb, £60/month - 50GB cap
100Mb, £45/month - 40GB cap

I mean, really? Data between midnight and 8am is unlimited, but those caps are amazingly small.

If you're trying to offer a premium product then you can't add data caps which look as if they belong on value packages for ADSL providers!

  • -Alex-
  • over 8 years ago

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