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Dorset fibre project seeks RCBF funding

While the large county level projects plod along, there are the many Rural Community Broadband Fund projects that are in the process of being setup, getting funding approval or moving towards actual network build. Dorset has one such project (DT11) that aims to use a Trailway that links numerous villages as a low cost route for deploying a Fibre to the Home network.

The aim is to get ultrafast broadband to five villages, Durweston, Stourpaine, Shillingstone, Okeford Fitzpaine and Child Okeford. In addition the Sturminster Business Park and Blandford Camp would be served, with potential to expand in later phases to villages in the Tarrant Valley.

The project according to coverage in the local press had its plan submitted to Defra in December 2012 and once a few areas are clarified will hopefully get funding approved and be able to move forward.

The funding from the RCBF is much more limited than the central BDUK fund, £20m versus £530m but with the diversity of the projects chasing the RCBF funding, there appears to be a growing case for the £300m of broadband funding that becomes available in 2015 (unless a General Election causes a massive change in direction) to be used to expand the scope of the rural projects working in that last 10% of the UK.


What's the connection with Broadway Partners?

  • Somerset
  • over 8 years ago

Hi Somerset - Broadway Partners is advising the Trailways project on financing and strategy - check out the EIS Fund offer at and the Dorset-specific online offer at

  • MArmitage
  • over 8 years ago

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