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Deddington full fibre goes live and roll-out continues

The first homes and businesses in Deddington have FTTP available from Openreach, with the first connections going live and the build continuing to serve the 1,400 properties connected to the exchange.

"Our rural location has always been the envy of visitors, but going forward it will be our internet connection. Today our connection is around 300 times faster and this has already brought about a massive change in the way we work.

We hope to capitalise on this over the coming weeks and months, we can now transfer a large file from our graphic department in seconds, rather than over several hours.

When BT announced the launch of this scheme we knew it had saved us considering moving the office. The BT team have taken our rural village and made it the best connected community in the country and all exactly as promised on time."

Simon Baxter, MD of Deddington-based Dijon Designs

The fibre only exchange trial is designed to gain more experience of the challenges of making fibre the primary broadband and voice connection in an area, which means that in addition to the FTTP broadband products that can offer speeds from 40 Mbps through to 330 Mbps currently the Fibre Voice Access service will be available. Fibre Voice Access carries the voice traffic across the fibre presenting it via a telephone socket on the Openreach modem, which can then be linked to existing copper extension wiring in the property. People living and working in the area are given the choice to leave the voice access on the old copper network currently.

In time copper recovery will probably take place and may help to offset some of the costs of a full fibre roll-out, but greater experience in how well received Fibre Voice Access and the battery backup solution to keep a telephone working during a power cut will be needed before this happens on a large scale.

Openreach has around 95,000 properties passed where people and businesses can order an FTTP service, which makes them the largest full fibre provider in the UK. As the commercial FTTC roll-out nears its end we hope that those parts of the UK still slated for FTTP but are patiently waiting will not have long to wait and we will see the numbers able to order a service increasing quickly.

Another factor that needs to change is that the retail broadband providers need to adopt the FTTP products, and even if they don't market the faster speeds, they can at least sell the 40 and 80 Mbps variants in areas where Openreach is only offering a FTTP solution. As things stand the average person really only sees BT Infinity from BT Retail as the only option.


Always seems to be Oxford. Do they think the rest of the UK can't afford their shit?

Stupid BT

  • pcoventry76
  • over 8 years ago

The other two sites are in Cheshire

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 8 years ago

VoNGA should go down fine - Verizon have over 3.2 million customers on it, most cable companies deliver telephony via battery backed up digital solutions.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 8 years ago

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