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Get ready for ADSL TV adverts

BTopenworld are due to start advertising broadband on TV during April, with what is billed as the first ever consumer TV advert for broadband. This is to be combined with advertising in the national press and the normal consumer computer press. The whole campaign is designed to last for 3 months with the aim of promoting the new Plug and Go ranges of products.

BTopenworld have been busy with registrations for the new services with roughly 4000 registrations in the first two days after launch which is roughly double what they'd been getting previously.

The BTopenworld advertising shouldnt be confused with the generic BTwholesale advertising that has been going on for around a week featuring babies who wont ever have to hear the screams of a PSTN dialup modem. At this time we dont know the combined figures for all ISP's but if BTO can double their registrations with a mid-range priced product then companies like Pipex, Freedom2Surf, Eclipse etc should be flying along.

Lets hope this increased demand gets reflected in an increased rollout shortly - those people in Worcester are getting very vocal, they deserve to be in bow-wave of any new rollout.


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