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Fyfield and Tubney to get full fat fibre service from Gigaclear

Gigaclear has announced it is going to deploy a Fibre to the Premises network in two more small villages in rural Oxfordshire. Fyfield and Tubney have passed the registration level needed for the company to build its network, which is the area should cover 400 properties and at least one third show an interest in buying a connection.

"We are seeing growing demand for ultrafast all fibre optic broadband from rural communities across Oxfordshire and, indeed, the UK. Expectations are justifiably high so we work closely with residents and businesses to ensure the process is a simple one and benefits are realised. For residents, benefits might include the chance to increase their free time, reduce the need to commute, and save money through internet telephony, and Internet based film and music services. For businesses or home workers ultrafast broadband can be transformational. Overall the whole community benefits from better broadband."

Gigaclear, chief executive, Matthew Hare

The local parish council website has more detail for those living in the area, or for the curious to see how the service is being achieved. The network will use an existing Cable & Wireless fibre for the backhaul link, showing once again that even in areas where Openreach has not rolled out its fibre network, there are often opportunities to use other fibre backbones.

Prices are believed to be the same as Appleton, and while 10 Mbps for £37 per month seems expensive, remember the 10 Mbps is the symmetric reserved speed, so unless the villages are full of speed freaks people should see their connection bursting well in excess of this a lot of the time.

The project should be completed in around three months and adds another pin to the fibre map of the UK, raising the question that if the commercial market had been left alone and no spending by the BDUK had ever been proposed back as far as 2009, would more commercial operators have sprung up to serve the needs of rural communities?


Brilliant, this is the sort of company that should get the funding, at least what they are building is futureproof, unlike fttc.

  • cyberdoyle
  • over 8 years ago

Why should it get (public?) funding? It only seems to build if a certain level of take-up in guaranteed through pre-build registrations, so why offer public subsidy too? Especially at these prices!

  • New_Londoner
  • over 8 years ago

Presumably BT/BDUK will not now be upgrading the village cabinets to FTTC?
If so this means the village will be locked into Gigaclear as sole superfast ISP provider forever.
Those not willing/wanting to pay the £37/month will be left out in the cold.
Meanwhile the rest of us will get FTTC under BDUK (eventually!) with a wide choice of ISP's & Service levels.
All one's eggs in one basket comes to mind.

  • mdar5
  • over 8 years ago

"Do you provide an end user help desk?
Yes. Gigaclear provides web based support as standard. Telephone support is available as an optional extra."

  • herdwick
  • over 8 years ago

Symmetric reserved speed at £37/month for 10Mbps mocks claims that bandwidth is expensive.

  • ElBobbo
  • over 8 years ago

Well Oxfordshire is due to announce the winner of its tender in December, which will likely be Openreach and the exchanges should be 2013/14 for most to be upgraded.

Will be interesting to see the impact it will have on these small number of properties.

  • ccxo
  • over 8 years ago

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