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Ofcom updates customer service satisfaction results

Ofcom has issued the latest round of customer service satisfaction levels and as in the past it focuses on the largest five providers, though in some cases data is missing even for Orange due to sample sizes (Orange has ~720,000 fixed line broadband customers).

  Satisfaction Neutral Dissatisfaction
  Feb 11 Sep 11 Sep 12 Feb 11 Sep 11 Sep 12 Feb 11 Sep 11 Sep 12
Sky 60% 64% 63% 24% 21% 25% 16% 15% 12%
BT 57% 57% 63% 23% 24% 20% 20% 18% 17%
Virgin Media 56% 57% 61% 24% 24% 20% 19% 19% 19%
Orange 76% 58% 59% 13% 26% 22% 11% 16% 20%
TalkTalk 52% 55% 60% 25% 29% 24% 23% 17% 15%

Customer service satisfaction levels

The numbers suggest that customer service levels do not vary much between any of the five major providers. With the resources available to Ofcom it would be useful for them to look at the wider market, even though the remainder of the market is a market share of 8% it may possibly show a different story to the largest providers where often the most important part individuals play is their contribution to ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) calculation in financial results. The big problem is numbers, the data for the above table is for example based on just 954 households for BT and a mere 410 for Orange. In terms of numbers voting, this is not unlike our broadband provider comparison charts, which extend to fourteen providers. NOTE: Data for Orange is listed under their new name of EE on our charts, and only partial data for November 2012 is available.

Given the prominence of speed issues on our forums and places like magazines letter pages, it is with no surprise that the most common reason for contacting an ISP under the fault/repair heading was that the connection speed was too slow. This data is not fully broken out into individual reasons by ISP but TalkTalk was worst with 25% saying that the fault/repair issue was not resolved at all.

Billing Bill was higher than expected 4%
  Payment issues 3%
  Account details 3%
  Bill had incorrect items 2%
Fault/Repair Connection speed too slow 17%
  Time taken to repair a fault 5%
  Arranging an engineer visit 4%
  Poor line quality 1%
General Change to package or service 12%
  Technical enquiry about service 5%
  Arranging an installation 4%
  Buying your service 3%


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